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26th October 2011

Chat with 5 notes

menu for our restaurant.

  • Thad: ...There should be a chocolate/pistachio pudding pie in this hypothetical place. Called "Pirate's Passion" or something like that.
  • Mercedes: YES
  • awww a bunch of ship-themed foods
  • Merchel would be chocolate and berries
  • Thes would be tears
  • Thad: ...fffft
  • or like
  • Sandy: Kandy would be delicious
  • Thad: something sweet, but tiny pieces
  • so
  • it ends too soon
  • Mercedes: fff
  • Sandy: daw
  • Thad: Merzimio could be double chocolate
  • Mercedes: Kurtofsky would punch your mouth with flavour
  • Thad: Klaine would be coffee
  • Rachel: Brittana should be salty-sweet
  • Thad: and something
  • Coffee and biscotti
  • hmm.
  • Mercedes: Puckurt would be shaped sexually
  • Thad: ffft
  • Rachel: Finchel has to be some kind of pastry, cause Cory says so. Maybe a berry pastry that's really tall.
  • Burt: Everyone would love Barole
  • Mercedes: and ooze cream
  • Rachel: so the cock-and-balls donut?
  • Thad: yes
  • barole would have to be perfection
  • hmm
  • Rachel: Barole should be like comfort food
  • Mercedes: Barole would be one of those classic flavours you can't go wrong with
  • Burt: A classic apple fritter
  • Mercedes: kinn would come with a glass of warm milk
  • Thad: ...yes
  • oh
  • azimio/rachel will be oreos and milkl
  • Mercedes: Puckleberry would be a pie
  • Rachel: mmhmm
  • Thad: will/emma would be an empty plate
  • Mercedes: LOL
  • Rachel: LOL
  • Sandy: awww
  • Thad: you keep looking for it, but it never gets to you.
  • Rachel: Carma would be carmelly
  • Thad: Schuevester would be something citrusy and bitter
  • Mercedes: people would like Faberry even if it's a flavour they usually don't go for
  • Rachel: yeaah yeaaaah
  • Sandy: st. berry would be a blessed cupcake or something
  • Mercedes: Raine would be pink
  • Thad: ohgod
  • Rachel: Quick would be bacon on waffles

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